AJ Greentech Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:AJGH) a known manufacturer, developer and distributor of green energy disclosed that it entered into an MOU with Taiwan Taxi firm to get 1,500 taxi models. It is a significant agreement in the company’s R&D infrastructure. The company already has several deals and contracts in hand to make taxi model parts and create new technologies.

The deal

The new deal provides AJ Greentech with an unprecedented benefit in the renewable energy market. There exists high volume of models that will provide it with the supply essential to put together its unmatched improvements in automobile technology. It will also result in strong demand for such vehicles.

The management view

Ms. Chu Li An, the CEO of AJ Greentech Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:AJGH), said that the management expects to send a message to the investors and to the industry through this agreement. The company is more than just another R&D development firm. The aim is to create demand and supply for industry. The company intends to make renewable technology accessible to all forms of transportation. There is a reason to believe in science and its effect that it can have on the society and environment. The deal of 1,500 taxi models is a considerable measure in that direction.

The profile

AJ Greentech Holdings can be stated as a full-service environmental systems and R&D company dedicated to offering innovative solutions and technologies to governments, communities and industries addressing the key issues of environmental protection, sustainability and green energy. It provides innovative offerings for Green Energy, Sustainability and Green transportation.

The significance

AJ Greentech integrates own native superior technologies with third-party latest systems and technologies to deliver its customers with the most economical and effective solutions. Focusing on green energy development in a polluted region like China can have considerable upside potential provided the company implements its business strategy effectively and correctly.