That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) traded marginally up yesterday, but today it has a new reason to cheer. The Small Cap IR, a research firm analyzing micro-small cap companies, issued a brief note on the company, highlighting its competitive advantage in the nutritional supplements industry.

Performing well in the supplementary market

The research firm noted in its report that That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) has acquired proprietary rights on a formula that encompasses a series of nutritional supplements. The formula known as Low-T Vitamin Formula capsules are natural, over-the-counter and non-FDA regulated supplements. The formula targets the problems of decreased levels of testosterone in men above age 30 years.

Also, the firm mentioned that That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) was successful in surpassing the industry standards in the month of February, which was a month of sluggish growth for the supplement industry. The weakness in the industry was attributed to the New York attorney general directed several retailers to stop offering multiple store-brand supplements.

Developments over the last few months

Amid the struggling market dynamics, That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) successfully announced the receipt of its first order from a client for micellizing a specific ingredient for a third party. The company expressed optimism of receiving more future orders from the same client. The company also took part in Natural Products Expo West held in March with a key account, where it displayed samples of the micellized ingredient.

The firm pointed out at the company’s stock trajectory over the last one month. It stated that the company has been steadily inching up on the bourses, while it has not recorded a single red session over the last five days. The stock of That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) inched up by 1.21% to close at $0.418, which is near its 52-week high range. A total of 271,823 shares traded during the previous session.