Ampliphi Biosciences Corp (OTCMKTS:APHB) has announced that it would be moving its operations to research park in Virginia. The company’s previous base of operations was in Innsbrook Corporate Center. Additionally, the company had recently announced the appointment of a new CEO, M. Scott Salka. Mr. Salka would be replacing Jeremy Curnock Cook, effective from May 18.

Ampliphi specializes in developing bacteriophage antibacterial therapeutics. Currently, the company is targeting infections that are resistant to current treatments. The company’s move to the research park has opened doors to a number of collaborations in the biosciences industry. However, the company has announced that only its financial and accounting business would be based in the new facility.

Ampliphi already has a small lab in the park and the new facility would allow the renewal of lease for a number of its small offices in the park. The new facility is an addition to the global operations of the company. Ampliphi already has a research site in Australia and a manufacturing site in Slovenia. It is the latest, in a series of companies that have joined or expanded in the park.

The new CEO of the company is planned to stay in San Diego, where he is also a professor at the San Diego State University. The company had also acquired $13 million from sale of common stock to investors and institutions. Additionally, there are a number of products in the pipeline for the corporation and a number of drugs are already in the clinical testing stage. It is hoped that the new appointments and expansions would allow the company to speed up the process of drug development and testing services. The company also has the needed finances to push the products out of the pipeline and towards the market.

Ampliphi Biosciences Corp (OTCMKTS:APHB) closed at $0.225, after losing 5.26% on May 13. The company has 277.95 million shares in the market, with a 52-week range of $0.07-$0.54.