NuGene International Inc (OTCBB:NUGN) has decided to file new patent files to protect proprietary claims that were directed to bandages that were treated with HADSSC (Human Adipose Derived Stem Cell Cultured). As per the reports, the patents have been filed for scar, burn, and wound healing bandages and healing.

Management’s Call:

The senior management team of NuGene International seems committed to fulfilling its managerial goals after filing these patents. According to Ali Kharazmi, CEO, NuGene, these patent developments will help the company reinforce its growth plans and new standards of care in curing scar, burn and wounds. The announcement was made by Kharazmi at the time of patent filing.

All the research and development executives of the company work round the clock for developing innovative patent technologies that can be related to human adipose that derive stem nano-encapsulation and cell media. As per the reports, all the adult adipose human stem cells are nothing but undifferentiated cells that are found in fatty tissues all over the body. These cells multiply by cell division to help dying cells and regenerate tissues.

NuGene has come up with a proprietary process through which human stem cells can be extracted from fat cells. The company can look forward to using these cells as the foundation of the production of all of its resources. With the help of latest cell biology and cell science, it has been able to derive biological active growth factors from the adipose stem cells.

One of the most toilsome challenges that scientists have to face in skincare science nowadays is the delivery of optimal ingredients in the skin. NuGene International Inc (OTCBB:NUGN) got rid of this challenge with the help of nano capsulations technology. This technology allows the company to deliver cytokines and growth factors that are derived from adipose stem cell by putting all of them in a nanocapsule. NuGene hopes to continue its excellent performance in the future as well.