Powerdyne International Inc (OTCBB:PWDY) is hoping that the installation of its first PDI Power Solution in Puerto Rico will help build its profile in the Caribbean as it moves to expand its market reach in the region. The company buoyed by growth in interest for its products has already devised a plan to open up the marketplace in California as of the start of the first quarter of 2016. Demand for alternative sources of power in the state is high as utilities seek alternative sources of power that can reduce their reliance on the grid.

 Expansion in the Caribbean

Powerdyne International and Farmacia Brisas del Mar have already inked a five-year working relationship that will see the former supplying power to the facility. Powerdyne International Inc (OTCBB:PWDY) has been expanding its reach in Puerto Rico, thanks to the establishment of a new sales representative in the country.

The company now has a list of over 40 clients all of whom are showing strong interest in its power solutions. Just like California, there has been an uptick in demand for alternative power solutions in the Caribbean, demand that Powerdyne International Inc (OTCBB:PWDY) is trying to address.

 Growing Client List

The power solution accords Farmacia Brisas del Mar an opportunity to become independent from the local grid as it moves to operate its own micro grid, which should be more cost effective while providing reliable power. The project should also play an important role in attracting new partners for Powerdyne International Inc (OTCBB:PWDY).

The installation also highlights Powerdyne International abilities in providing reliable solutions backed by a team of professionals on stand-by to provide clients with solutions related to their requirements. Powerdyne International Inc (OTCBB:PWDY) affirms that the lists of potential clients inquiring about PDI Power Solution continues to grow at a rapid and consistent pace. The company is now looking forward to announcing similar deals going forward.