Double Crown Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:DDCC), a leading reporting company, had decided to come up with a revamped logo and website. As per the reports, the primary objective of this change is to showcase the direction that the company has adapted in the recent path.

Insights Of The Matter:

The past few months have presented a lot of challenges in front of the company; hence, it has decided to revise its marketing strategy completely. As of now the company is preparing to introduce its patent pending TransLock Squared system to the industrial commodity transportation market. The back-support team of Double Crown that worked on this product has made sure that it meets the expectations of users.

The newly developed system has a new logo that indicates the change that Double Crown Resources has brought in the system lately. Apart from the logo, many other improvements have been introduced. The management has included all the improvements that were sidelined previously during April 27, 2015, announcement.

The newly built website showcases an eye-popping preview of how the cargo shipment in future will look. From the initial preview, the cargo shipment looks cost effective, efficient and environment-friendly. The management of Double Crown Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:DDCC) doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned this time. Among many other marketing and branding advertisement initiatives, its technology is likely to be featured on national level television. Reports claim that new Translock system will on the famous TV show named “Net Worth Commerce TV” that is hosted by Terry Bradshaw.

The filming of this show is expected to take place towards the end of June 2015 in Houston, Texas. As soon as the filming of the program is completed, the updated information with the time and date of the program will be made available online. The senior management of the company considers it an excellent step that will help the company in the future.