With an objective to move further and be a part of the winning spree, Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) has decided to take the help of Maxim Group as its strategic advisor. As per the reports, Maxim Group will assist Propanc Health in investment management as well as corporate planning procedure.

Maxim’s main role will be to enhance the value of Propanc’s shareholders through its world-class investment banking services. It will also focus on listing Propanc Health Group on a national level stock exchange to ensure that it can get the attention of investors from all around the country.

Senior Management Is Pleased With This Decision:

The senior management of the company feels that appointing Maxim Group as its stretagic advisor will help the company taking an edge over other market players. According to James Nathanielsz, it’s always great to have an expert team looking after financial matters, and having a well-known investment banking firm like Maxim to support the company is a wonderful feeling. Nathanielsz is the Chief Executive Officer at Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH). With the help of Maxim, Propanc will be able to realize its growth plans in the near future.

The Maxim Group is equally delighted to have got this chance. According to Karl Brenza, Head of the Capital Growth Advisory Group, Maxim, it’s a delightful feeling to associate with Propanc and help it creating an effective corporate strategy.

Maxim employs a host of best in class people to serve the investment banking needs of its clients, which gives it an edge over others. The company has a strong IP Portfolio, large market opportunity, amazing growth prospects, and good potential to get desired results. Due to all of these reasons, Maxim is confident of working closely with Propanc Group for a long time.

Both the firms look forward to updating the future developments as and when they occur.