Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) has announced that it would be represented by its subsidiary, HempMeds, at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo. The main area of focus by the company would be its novel Real Scientific Hemp Oil. This would be accompanied by a number of other hemp oil related products. RSHO has already gained popularity in Brazil and is helping in the development of a cannabis control law. Consequently, it is a wise move to present RSHO at the conference, since mostly entrepreneurs and businesses would be present.

Even though the law, legalizing the use of cannabis in the state, will take at least a year to come into effect, but businesses and entrepreneurs have already started looking towards this industry. HempMeds wants to make use of the opportunity to showcase products that are already in the market. Investors can try and invest in the product or in retail locations and get a fair idea of the outcome before the industry hits New York. The CEO of HempMeds, Stuart W. Titus, stated that RSHO has experienced wide scale acceptane and growth, which makes it a safe bet to invest into.

Furthermore, the RSHO has already gained a shelf-stability approval from the Denver health department. This means that the oil is classified as a non-hazardous food and has no time or temperature control barriers. This means that the product can be stored at any place under any temperature conditions. HempMeds hopes that the honor brings more attention and business to the company. Most of the HempMeds products are test at the company labs, before making it to the market. As more and more state governments look towards legalization of cannabis, producers such as MJNA hope towards expanding their markets throughout the country.

Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) registered a rise of 1.33%, to close at $0.076 at the end of the June 12 session. The stock experienced heavy trading with 1.78 billion shares changing hands.