Powerdyne International Inc (OTCBB:PWDY) reported that it completed installation of its first PDI Power Solution. The company‚Äôs new customer, Farmacia Brisas del Mar, will conclude the final move with the local utility firm to create its own “micro-grid.” It will work as a reliable and affordable power source for the company. Jim O’Rourke, the CEO said that it was a critical installation for company because it will work as a functional model for the Caribbean market. Moreover, it will support the company in its initiatives to open up the California market in 1Q2016.

The transition

Powerdyne revealed that it is the final step in switching from a development phase to a fully operational entity. The management expects that with this PDI Power Solution along with the pipeline of prospective clients it will be able to represent the added value of new solution. Also, it will be able to highlight the aptitude of the professional team that is working on these advanced solutions for installation. Remote monitoring, Logistics, service and maintenance are all offered in one comprehensive solution for efficient and cost effective power generation.

The significance

Powerdyne has stated that the PDI Power Solution has received substantial interest since forming a sales representative team in the region. The list of prospective customers is growing at a consistent and rapid pace. At the same time, management expects additional deals for Powerdyne’s unique and cost-effective power generation system in the coming period.

The profile

Powerdyne International Inc (OTCBB:PWDY) offers novel power solutions that are developed to be installed virtually in any location across world. The target clients will use the unique PDI Power system to produce their own supplemental as well as primary power utilizing custom-built gas generators. It is will work as an effective means to achieve cost effective and reliable source of power generation. It will act as a major revenue source for the company in coming period.