Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) has announced the signing of Maxim Group as the company’s new strategy advisor. As per the news from the company, Maxim will provide investment banking and corporate planning services to PPCH, to enhance the company’s share value. The main area of focus for the partnership would be PPCH’s investment management, which could finally get PPCH operating on a national level stock exchange.

Propanc Health is focused on the development of collateral and pancreatic cancers. The company’s business model and products make it capable of recording strong performances, equivalent to companies on the NASDAQ listings. All the company needs to do is bring a complete and clinically tested drug to the market. Even SeeThruEquity’s research stated a closing price of $1.52 for PPCH, which is a lot more than the current stock price.

The main reason behind so much support for Propanc is the fact that the PPCH only concentrates on cancers with limited options. It would thus have a very large share in the market. As the company’s lead PRP drug nears the end of clinical trials, PPCH is now looking for licensing partners to help with the commercialization process. The senior management at PPCH believes that Maxim can help the company achieve their goals of quickly moving to a national exchange.

Propanc CEO, James Nathanielsz, stated the long-term growth is one of the main targets of the company and Maxim, with all its experience, can help PPCH achieve that goal. The management at Maxim also revealed that they were delighted on accepting the position at the company, since Maxim sees PPCH as one of the leaders in the Biotech industry. Maxim also stated that it intends to utilize its skilled and experienced staff to ensure that long-term and short-term goals are met quickly and efficiently.

Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) saw itself crash during the June 25 session, losing 5.9% of its share value, after trading 10.26 million shares to reach a close at $0.0941.