EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) has been rising despite facing a lot of negative reviews from analysts. The investors seem to have more faith in EKSO than the analysts and EKSO is trying hard to repay that faith. Apart from the recently pointed downsides, EKSO still has a lot of positives. The company operates like huge corporation, rather than a microcap company and to date there has been no paid promotions by the company to help increase shareholder value. Despite these facts, EKSO still does a lot better than other penny stocks.

EKSO started trading on the OTCBB last year, after going through a reverse merger and generating $20.6 million through a bridge debt at the same time. However, despite starting off at a share price of $2.50 and hitting an all time high of $8, EKSO still sports a 52-week range of $0.75-$2.84. EKSO’s best attraction remains the unique $17 billion industry it is targeting with its EKSO skeletons. Additionally, encouraging moves from the defense department to award EKSO contracts for its exo-skeleton 3 times in a row has been an added advantage. EKSO must be doing something right with its products to be called in a third time.

However, EKSO still needs to control its finances to keep the positive momentum going. As per the 1Q2015, EKSO had $1.65 million in quarterly revenues and a net loss of $4.11 million. This is one red flag that the company needs to deal with asap. EKSO still has $21.1 million in cash, but it would be required for the development of prospective products and expansion purposes.

At the moment, the majority of EKSO’s development expenditures are being taken care of by the defense department and Lockheed and Martin. The two companies have to work closely on the development of superhuman exo-skeletons, since Lockheed and Martin is the official defense contractor.

EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) added just $0.01 to its share value by the end of the June 10 session. The company traded 102.06 million shares in the market to close at $1.40.