EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) has caught the attention of investors, but unfortunately, it is for the wrong reasons. The company has failed to file its first annual report, since the merge, on time. EMSF was formed as a result of a merger between a public and private company, Lightcollar Inc. and EMS Factory Inc. respectively. Although the figures from the last filing by Lightcollar are available, they are not very encouraging and the company’s first FY report was to show the real picture of the company.

EMSF was founded with a mission to form a link between medical transporters and patients, so as to provide an on-demand medical transport facility. So far, EMSF has made substantial progress in developing a state of the art application for mobile and PC. Additionally, the company has been working hard to add more features to its application and make it more user-friendly. The latest developments are focused on getting the application to show a transporter’s availability in real-time. Furthermore, the company is working to filing a provisional patent for its mobile app.

As far as the financial status of the company is concerned, it still remains unclear and with the latest developments, investors are becoming more cautious with the stock. In its last filing, Lightcollar had revealed no assets or revenues, while still having $90,000 in liabilities and $11,000 in net loss. Until now, EMS Factory has not declared its finances, leaving quite a bit of red flags around the company and its future. The 8-K filing by EMS Factory was due to be completed in mid-June, but unfortunately the investors are still waiting for the complete picture to be painted for them. While EMSF has tried to steer clear of promotions and has denied any involvement in the recent promotions by the Moskovitz report, investors are starting to lose faith in future prospects of the company.

EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) closed with a loss of 0.83% to its share value, at the end of the June 6 session. The stock experienced no trading and closed at a stock price of $1.19.