Golden Star Enterprises Ltd (OTCMKTS:GSPT) reported that it will introduce its customer drone marketing campaign at the forthcoming Seattle B2B Gift Show. The event will be held from August 15, 2015 to August 18, 2015. With increasing curiosity and public knowledge towards these flying gadgets, the drone industry is projected to grow to nearly $13 billion from $7.8 billion within the next decade.

The expert view

Matt Kelly, the Director of Golden Star stated that the drone industry is currently in a phase where drone sale distributions market is witnessing a significant change. The distributions are shifting from mostly government sales to cover customer purchases as new drones applications are being introduced going forward. Kelly further added that with the purchase of NA Drone, they possess full capability to make and distribute drone models that meet the needs of different types of clients.

The expectations

Golden Star is anticipating positive results from the upcoming B2B Gift Show. Its NA Drone products’ will remain in highlight with extended focus on flight quality and advanced software. The ‘X-factor’ is set to be included in the list of the most affordable drones in the industry while offering video and image quality comparable to peers’ expensive models. At the same time, the Kasper’s world-popular “follow me” feature and 1080p motion capturing know-how will appeal largely the higher-end customers.

The profile

Golden Star’s NA Drone is a distributor and manufacturer of advanced drones with three different forms. The models are The X Factor, Kasper and I-Sky. The company also has a sole co-branding, distribution deal finalized with one of the leading drone manufacturers in the world.

In last trading session, the stock price of Golden Star Enterprises Ltd (OTCMKTS:GSPT) gained more than 8% to close the trading session at $0.0200. The gains came at a share volume of 1.82 million compared to monthly average share volume of 156,850.