At a dedication occasion in Coconino County, Sunedison Inc (NYSE:SUNE) celebrated the commissioning of 1.2 MW DC of solar rooftop and carport systems at 4 Coconino County, government facilities. The structures include the county’s law enforcement administration facility, King Street Community Services building, correctional facility and juvenile detention center. The County is purchasing the solar power produced by the systems via a 25-year power purchase deal, and projects saving of $2.7 million over the agreement life.

The expert view

Mark Domine, the Senior Director for Channel sales, said that by powering their structures with cost effective, clean solar power, Coconino County would be saving taxpayer money and leading economic growth. Coconino County is a pioneer in renewable energy, and these advanced SunEdison systems will make certain that the county is deploying their abundant sunlight to proper use.

Art Babbott of Coconino County, said that this solar project fulfill various county goals: it saves taxpayer money through smart planning, enhances county infrastructure, and proves county’s leadership in the use of renewable energy technologies. They look forward to getting the environmental and economic benefits of this deal with SunEdison in coming years.

The future ahead

The solar systems are projected to generate adequate power each year to support more than 190 houses and avoid the harmful emission of more than three million pounds of carbon dioxide. It is almost equivalent to the emissions produced by 300 cars on the road. The maintenance and operation of the solar installations will be carried out by SunEdison Services, which offers global asset management, reporting and monitoring services.

Sunedison Inc (NYSE:SUNE) is the largest international renewable energy producer firm. It has taken several steps to transform the way energy is produced and distributed around the world. The company not only develops power plants, but it also funds, installs, operates and owns renewable power plants.