Agrieuro Corp (OTCBB:EURI) was a massive mover during Friday’s trading session. The stock surged by close to 14% on the back of above average volumes. The stock has been in a strong uptrend ever since forming a strong bottom near the $0.40 level. The stock currently trades above its 50 day moving average, which is a bullish sign. The momentum oscillators for the stock are clearly indicating towards the presence of strong buying interest.  Traders believe the stock could head to levels of $2.11 while finding support at levels of $0.56 in the near term, which is being seen as a huge positive.


The ever growing market position in the hospitality industry has prompted Agrieuro Corp (OTCBB:EURI) to build a resort, bigger than any other property on the Black Sea. As per the reports, it’s likely to have 620 accommodations, which will make this resort the largest in the area.

Road Ahead

The prime objective of this initiative is to serve customers in the best way possible. Once the resort is finished, it will think about building recreational area where it can conduct different activities, such as fishing, hunting, water sports and bird watching.

As part of this initiative, Agrieuro Group is also expected to build a 4-building complex having around 120 accommodations that are equipped with all the latest amenities. Additionally, there will be a holiday lake house complex having 500 world-class accommodations.

The unique features, exotic landscape, mild weather, unique features and UNESCO World Heritage Site status of the delta make it a perfect destination to build such a lucrative property. To make sure that maximum visitors can reach here without any hassle, Agrieuro will make sure that this resort can be reached via air, road and train route.

Agrieuro owns quite a few buildings around this area, which will surely help the company during and post manufacturing. It can simply use these pre-occupied buildings to perform some of the activities in the future and reduce the overall cost of the project.

The hospitality sector across the globe works in a unified format – high season and off-season. During the high-season, Agrieuro Corp assumes that the occupancy rate of this resort will be around 70 percent. The average price per night is likely to be around 100-200 Euros each night, which will undoubtedly ensure financial abundance.

The resort is expected to deliver high-quality services without breaking any rule and regulation. Based on the current economic state, the senior management of Agrieuro assumes that things will continue to fall in line as the time progresses.