Agrieuro Corp (OTCBB:EURI) was a notable decliner during Tuesday’s trading session. The stock plunged by close to 4% on the back of 3 times the average daily volumes. The stock currently trades below all important daily moving averages, which is considered to be a bearish signal. The momentum indicators for the stock continue to trend in the bearish zone and are seen trending sideways indicative of the lack of direction. Traders on the street believe that the stock would find resistance on the upside near the level of $1.00 and find support near the $0.3200 level in the near term.


Agrieuro Corp (OTCBB:EURI) looks forward to revamping its fish farm project that’s located in the Danube Delta. As per the reports, Agrieuro intends to execute aquaculture plans to turn the fortunes of its water canals and tanks.

Insights of The Matter

The environment of Danube Delta favors the farming of Pike, Carp, Crucian and Bream, and Agrieuro Corp wants to use its water reservoirs for the same purpose.

To carry out all the operations successfully, Agrieuro has made some calculations, done analysis and conducted a thorough survey to cover the nearby surroundings. It has arrived at a conclusion that it can easily use 3.3 million cubic meters of water to produce half a kilogram of fish per cubic meter in this area if it sticks out to the existing plan. The total quantity of fishes produced in a year sums up to around 1,600 tons, which can be sold in the market for 2.5 Euros per kilogram, giving Agrieuro a chance to make a whopping 4 million Euros yearly.

It’s just the probable revenue that Agrieuro can make by producing fishes. There are many other revenue-centric production activities, covering clams, frogs, crabs, geese and ducks. They all can be sold in the market and used for creating extra revenues.

Management Call

The senior management team of the company is delighted to share this plan and hopes that things will turn out as per plans. According to Radu Cosmin Monda, CEO, Agrieuro Corp, all the water reservoirs, including canals, tanks, and 25 KM dam will be used to maximize the revenue out of production activities.

There are many more development centric stages that are yet to be realized, and Agrieuro management expects that all of them will be carried out successfully. It’s just the initial way to start this revenue proposition, and Agrieuro will look forward to finding many more revenue generation opportunities as the time progresses.