SpectraScience Inc (OTCMKTS:SCIE) witnessed a massive sell-off during Monday’s trading session. The stock plummeted by close to 35% on the back of 100 times the daily average volumes. It is important to state that the stock has been in a strong downtrend and has been seen forming lower tops and lower bottoms. This is a clear indication that bears are using every rally in the stock as an opportunity to sell. The stock currently trades below all daily moving averages. Traders believe the stock could head to levels of $0.001 in the near term. The stock hit a fresh 52-week low during yesterday’s trading session.


SpectraScience Inc (OTCMKTS:SCIE), leading company in the field of medical devices used to diagnose cancers with the help of light technologies, announced the light-based technology could help diagnose cancerous bladder lesions.

As per the reports, the announcement was made lately saying that a recent science paper published in the Journal of Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy’s March edition proved this point clearly.

Insights Of The Matter

The data published in the paper clearly mentioned enough statistical differences while measuring benign and cancerous tissue, thereby suggesting that it could reduce unnecessary medical procedures. It also suggested that if used correctly, the light-based technologies could cut down the frequency of false positive bladder biopsies in no time. As per the reports, SpectraScience supplied all the instruments that were used at the time of summarizing this procedure.

Management Call

The senior management of the company is delighted to announce this news and hopes that it will further strengthen SpectraScience’s efforts in the direction of curing cancer. According to Michael Oliver, CEO & President, SpectraScience, the research team has done a fantastic job by arriving at this conclusion. The study didn’t only differentiate malignant tissue from benign, but also provided enough references to distinguish deep malignant tissues from superficial ones.

It’s a strong component providing additional justification to SpectraScience’s faith that its light-based technology can be applied in a number of organ systems. There are many cancers that need to be cured immediately to ensure that human lives aren’t wasted for any reason, and SpectraScience’s technologies can do that.

The company has been working hard to develop additional products and technologies for a long time that can diagnose cancers, and such results prove to be driving force in the same direction. Further updates about this study and steps taken by SpectraScience will be announced from time to time.