Ever since Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) came into existence, it has been trying hard to keep users safe from malicious advertisements on the web. Going ahead, it’s planning to take such efforts to all new heights. As per the reports, Google has come up with a new feature to ensure safe browsing experience.

There are many sketchy advertisements and fake download buttons on the web that look familiar but often lead users to third party sites. With this new feature, whenever an advertisement or search result will try to lure users to a third party website, Google will show a warning picture right above the ads.

How That Works

Those sites that pretend to look, act or feel like a known entity (such as users’ own website or browser) or try to lure users into doing something (entering passwords or pressing download button) that they would do on a trustworthy site, will come under Google’s radar. The internet mogul will warn users every time they encounter such third party websites to ensure that they don’t fall into this trap. It’s a warning sign for all those developers who try to increase traffic to their site by using unethical practices.

Anti-ISIS Advertisements In Extremist Search Results

The rising hatred on social media platforms has prompted Google to take a substantial action in such a way that it can reduce such issues without affecting user experience. In an attempt to do that, Google has decided to use ads from certain non-profit organizations in its Adwords program in such a way that whenever users search for Islamic radicalization or ISIS, they will see anti-ISIS advertisements.

In a recent press statement, the company claimed that it would try to show such anti-ISIS ads more often than not, but it won’t redirect users away from targeted results. The step has been taken after the government officials met with top web companies like Facebook, Google and others in Silicon Valley last month and sought their support to fight ISIS and other extremist groups on the digital front.