Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)‘s cloud event feature is known for offering superb development facilities. According to a new report, the search engine giant is testing out a new feature that will trigger automatic changes in the cloud events, making it easy and hassle-free for developers to build high-quality services.

Insights of Announcement

Google called it a “lightweight, event-based, asynchronous” upgrade that will help developers to come up with single purpose, small functions that can automatically respond to cloud events without a runtime environment or server. Cloud events are but the things that occur in the cloud environment of developers i.e. files added to storage sys, changes made to date and new virtual machine created.

Triggers capture events whenever an action is required; so calling them the first step to create an event response won’t be wrong at all. Event responses take place on the cloud after the code contained within cloud functions executes the trigger every time an action is required. All the cloud functions are managed in a Node.js environment and written in JavaScript to work properly. Events from Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Google Cloud Storage can use HTTP for synchronous execution.

A recent report published by Forbs claims that the new changes in cloud events by Google are very much similar to Amazon’s Lambda platform, which also aims to help developers create high-end services by automating events. However, It’s too early for anyone to comment on the deliverability of this service.

Google has stated that this is an Alpha release, which can be changed in the future as per user needs and workability. It doesn’t recommend the Google Cloud Functions to be used for production use. The company will announce further updates (if any) about the cloud functions in the coming months to make sure developers can use it in the best possible way.