Now users need not feel less privileged for having Android Wear in place of Apple Watch. In an attempt to make Android Wear more feasible and easy to use, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has added a few innovative features, including voice-to-text support and new gestures.

According to reports, the new update – 1.4 Marshmallow, will allow users to make and receive calls right from their Android Wear.

Insights of The Matter

Back in November when Google talked about the Wear device, it claimed to add innovative features at regular intervals. With the new voice-to–text feature and other additions, it has kept its words. The new update will allow users to navigate through their Android Wear with a simple wrist shake or lift. For those, who are still new to Android Wear, Google has added a tutorial in the setting menu, which will help them to understand how the entire procedure works.

So far users could only control music, with their voices, but now they can also send messages using voice controls. Apps like Google Hangouts, Telegram, Nextplus, Viber, WhatsApp and WeChat will support the voice-to-text feature, eliminating the need to pull out the smartphone from pocket to text someone.

Android Wear devices with inbuilt speakers, such as ASUS ZenWatch 2 and Huawei Watch, will allow the users to make or receive calls without any hassle. Reports claim that the new gestures aren’t easy to understand for the first time users, but with the on-site tutorials and a little bit practice, users will quickly adapt to them.

Google has already created a buzz about these new updates, which is why the users are eagerly waiting for them to release. The latest announcement made by the company on its official page clarifies that these features will be rolled out in next few weeks. It will be great to see whether Google can beat its counterpart Apple this time in terms of product experience after spiriting away the leading market position earlier this month.