Keeping with the organization’s goal of owning all parts of retail as well as customer offerings,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has recently introduced a sommelier service in Japan to provide wine purchasing tips over the telephone.

The service termed Amazon Sommelier is spearheaded by Japanese wine connoisseur Miyuki Hara and has many certified sommeliers on its payroll. Customers give their telephone number by selecting a link on the page for a particular wine bottle and wait for a return call. Amazon Sommelier is just accessible in Japanese language and be availed off from 12PM to 5PM on weekdays.

A person wanted to test this service. He left his phone number on the page for Continental Koshu Heart, a Japanese wine. Within seconds he received a call. The sommelier introduced herself at first. Then he informed her that he was planning to purchase some Japanese wine for his mother in the UK, who doesn’t often consume Japanese cuisine. Hence he was thinking if there existed some Japanese wines that would complement any of the varieties of Western food.

As the person didn’t have deep knowledge of wine, he couldn’t question deeply the sommelier’s recommendations. However if he were a wine expert, he wouldn’t need Amazon’s sommelier’s services. He found the sommelier’s advice useful and simple to understand. She described the process by which Japanese wine is produced, and the palate makers prefer and that the results are pretty light by Western standards.

One issue is that it’s not helpful to look at Amazon while speaking on the phone regarding products with strange names. Maybe as a result of that Amazon’s sommeliers can send email subsequent to the conversation giving the consumer with a number of wines that meet their requirements. The person earlier mentioned received an email 30 minutes after the conversation listing three other wines that utilized Koshu grapes but with relatively robust bodies. All the three appeared to be better choices than the one he found himself. However the Lumiere Cadette one of the wines seemed perfect for his fictional scenario.

Amazon Sommelier is a high quality service and an instance of what can be realized by a company of Amazon’s size.