Taking online market parameters to all new heights,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has started delivering monks at very reasonable prices in Japan. This nation-wide service has been started with an objective to help people find monks to perform memorial services whenever their loved ones die. Off late, communal ties to Buddhist temples have weakened throughout Japan, which has suddenly increased the demand of monks across the nation.

With the “Mr. Monk Delivery” or “Obo-San Bin” service offered by Amazon in Japan, users can get delivered monks at their desired locations to perform the last rights of their loved ones.

Insights of Various Plans Offered By Amazon

There are more than one plans that users can choose from. The basic plan, provided by Minrevi Co., costs $300 or 35,000 yens, under which the monk visits users’ home or any other location to perform the traditional memorial services. Users can upgrade their plans by making some extra payment. At 45,000 yens, they can have the service performed in more than one place. The premium plan, available for 55,000 yens, allows them to award their loved ones a posthumous Buddhist name. This is a critical funeral process that costs tons of money when performed in Japanese temples.

The service is loved by the people, but many groups have criticized it. According to Japan Buddhist Federation, donation can never be a consideration for providing last right services. At the same time, it’s unjustifiable to reward posthumous Buddhist name to loved ones by paying higher donation than others.

Reporters tried to get in touch with Amazon to comment on this service; however, they couldn’t get the response. There are more than 75,000 temples in Japan, but due to lack of donations, they are on the verge of getting closed. Only time will tell whether this service of Amazon proves to be a hit in Japan or fades away.