Amongst many things that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) didn’t do that set it apart from other smartphone companies, one was to avoid selling screen protectors. Reports claim that the second most valued company in the world thought its in-store staff couldn’t do the job properly, but things have changed now. Reports claim that Apple Inc. has joined forces with Belkin to offer screen protectors for iPhones at its retail stores.

Insights of Matter

Apple charges anywhere between $99 to $150 to repair iPhone screen. What if customers are given an option to put screen protectors on their iPhones, which may not save the screen from breaking but still increase the chances of keeping it safe? Apple never thought of doing something like that in the past, but growing competition and slashing iPhone demand have prompted it to take certain actions to increase users’ engagement and trust once again.

Belkin will start installing Screencare+ Application Systems in Apple retail stores across the globe to ensure that all the screen protectors can be put on iPhone screen without any hassle. The hardware is specially designed for iPhones and eliminates the risk of air bubbles while putting screen protectors on iPhone screens.

It’s not the first time when Belkin has come up with something like that for smartphone users. Its TrueClear Pro Advanced Screen Care hardware can be seen at many Target stores worldwide. The only difference is Screencare+ works with iPhone whereas TrueClear Pro Advanced Screen Care covers a range of smartphones.

As of now, Screencare+ Application System works only with iPhone6, iPhone6+, iPhone6S and iPhone6S+ smartphones. When it comes to the cost of the screen protectors offered by Apple and Belkin; the first option is to go for Anti-Glare protector by paying $20 and the second option is to go for Invisiglass shatterproof glass protector by paying $35.

The project is still in the initial stage and only time will tell if it can lure customers or fade away.