Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has been making updates to its network solutions, to be faster and cost efficient. Recently, the company partnered with MTS in Russia, to develop a self-optimizing network (SON) solution. The solution would allow MTS to improve its voice and data quality, by automatically optimize the network in real-time. Added to this, the company is also focusing on the development of virtualization and programmability solutions for networks.

Cisco’s new Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure, combines the physical and virtual aspects of a network. Furthermore, the solution also includes the infrastructure necessary to computer, store and run NFV services. The new NFVI system is a compliment of the company’s Virtualized Packer Core, which combines all mobile packet core services. Customers have already started to buy and implement the solutions in their own networks.

The Senior VP of CSCO, Kelly Ahuja, stated that the NFVI was another step in the direction towards Cisco’s vision of open, modular and expandable network architecture. The NFVI can help network carriers in improving their operations, through more controlled and smaller maintenance windows.

Cisco’s SON solution is another one of the company’s automated network management solution. The solution implemented at MTS, analyzes network elements and performs online adjustments to network parameters. Currently, the system is only being used for 3G operations in Moscow, but MTS will expand this capacity to LTE networks in 2016. It will then be expanded to other regions of the country as well.

Andrei Ushatskiy, the CTO of MTS stated that his company was the first on to embrace the SON system in Russia. He pointed out that data speeds have already increased by 20% and network availability by 25%, since the implementation of SON. The CTO also stated that the system has helped reduce network build-up costs as well.

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) closed trading at a share price of $26.32, after gaining 0.77% and having a trade volume of 22.96 million during the session.