Nocopi Technologies (OTCMKTS:NNUP) is up a staggering 128pct and trading with a heavy volume of more than 8.5M shares. Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and founded in 1983, Nocopi Technologies, Inc. (NNUP) is develops and markets specialty reactive inks in the United States and internationally. NNUP’s goal is to prevent the rampant problem of receipt, ticket, and document fraud – and it seems that they are on the front lines with their patented proprietary ink technologies.

The company’s entertainment and toy technologies and products comprise Rub-it & Color technology with applications in children’s activity products, such as a coloring book without crayons or a restaurant place mat, educational instruction books, and testing review manuals. Its anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion technologies and products include COPIMARK technology, and RUB and REVEAL system with applications in the authentication of documents having intrinsic value comprising merchandise receipts, checks, traveler’s checks, gift certificates, and event tickets, as well as the authentication of product labeling and packaging.

Nocopi Technologies (OTCMKTS:NNUP) revenues are derived from (a) royalties paid by licensees of the Company’s technologies; (b) fees for the provision of technical services to licensees; and (c) the direct sale of products incorporating the Company’s technologies, such as inks, security paper and pressure sensitive labels, and equipment. 2014 saw the company deliver record revenunes and gross profits- a 23% Increase over 2013 and a 45% Increase over 2012. For first 3 Quarters of 2015, revenues grew over $111k from the previous year – an 18% INCREASE.

Now here is the most important details for traders and investors:

It appears that the primary goal of the company is to capitalize on the Toy Product market. The company seems to have secured licensing agreements with two companies who are well known, highly regarded, and have a “significant presence in the entertainment and toy market”. Read more here

Earlier in Fall, NNUP surged as high as 0 .039 from .006, delivering up to 550% gains to traders, profit taking resulted in a quick descent back to Sub-Penny territory. It would be interesting to see where NNUP lands after today’s high trading session. As always, follow traders vigilance when trading sub penny profiles like NNUP.