There’s a reason why people want to visit Pizza Parlors once in a while, even when they can prepare one at home. And the reason is the perfection of restaurant-style pizzas. Many companies launched expensive feature-rich ovens in the past, but none of them could bring that restaurant style factor to the residential kitchen.

Now, General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has taken this responsibility to revolutionize the oven industry. According to reports, General Electronics has entered into a partnership with Local Motors to innovate the appliance industry.

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Both the companies aim to launch this new GE Monogram Pizza Oven in May 2016 for as much as $9,900. The oven has been originally developed by a Louisville-based startup, FirstBuild, supported by Local Motors Inc and GE.

The senior management of Local Motors is delighted to associate with GE to work on this oven project. According to Jay Rogers, CEO, Local Motors, this oven can control the heat in such a way that users can prepare restaurant-style pizzas at home. Rogers couldn’t believe this fact until he tried the pizza himself. Some of the features of this oven can be controlled using smartphone. The new GE Monogram Pizza oven prepares a delicious pizza within two minutes after half an hour pre-heat.

When reporters tried to get in touch with FirstBuild team to get more details about this project, its commercial leader Wayne Davis came ahead and spoke. According to him, there’s a significant market gap in restaurant-style pizza and available-at-home options for home chefs and pizza enthusiasts. GE Monogram Pizza oven tends to wipe out this gap and help households prepare professional-style pizza without any hassle.

This is the seventh product that FirstBuild has successfully launched. General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) and Social Motors look forward to launch many more innovative products in the coming months to revolutionize the appliance industry. Details of these product launches will be unveiled at a later date.