Experts claim that the future belongs to IoT and cloud, and IT mogul International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make a mark in these fields. According to reports, IBM added more than 25 cloud data services to IBM Cloud.

With the help of these services, developers can easily build, manage and deploy mobile and web applications in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, these services also enable the data scientists to figure out the hidden industry trends using the analytics and vast data available in the cloud.

Insights of The Matter

These hybrid cloud services can be used across multiple cloud providers. They follow the open ecosystem and open source technologies that include third-party data as well as open architectures. Some of the major services launched by IBM are-

IBM Graph: It’s the first graph database service that’s been built using Apache TinkerPop. It provides developers insights for developing business-ready apps with real-time fraud detection, network analysis, IoT updates and other recommendations.

IBM Compose Enterprise: Using this, developers can deploy the business ready database from their own cloud servers.

IBM Analytics Exchange: It’s an open data exchange that includes a catalogue of over 150 datasets, which can further be integrated into applications.

The senior management team of IBM is delighted to announce these updates and hopes that it will lead to better management and faster delivery of projects in the future. According to Derek Schoettle, GM – Analytics & Cloud Data, IBM, data is the most common and significant thread within the enterprise, regardless of its source.

Previously, data handlers used to rely on systems for their data needs, with this new launch IBM seeks to shift data to the cloud and make it easy to access, build, develop and explore data. Going forward, it will continue to add new features to this portfolio to make the data exploration and deployment feasible for developers.