Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced that its Azure platform would be available to everyone from Thursday. As per the reports, the decision has been taken in an attempt to collect data on a broad level.

Insights of The Matter

Azure, first launched in September 2015, manages a host of internet of things supporting devices and collect data that helps companies to improve their products and services. It eliminates all the hardware and software related complications that might hold back companies from serving users in an effective manner.

Azure easily integrates with other cloud services offered by Microsoft, thus it proves to be the best IoT hub that companies active in this field can have. Apart from telling multiple embedded devices what to do, it also controls their actions and receives data back from them to ensure everything falls in line.

Now that Microsoft has decided to make Azure IoT Hub available for everyone, developers working on intelligent software backend can collect the required information with a click of their mouse. Going forward, Microsoft wants to keep the payment system uncomplicated; hence, it has decided to keep it per machine basis. As of now, Microsoft is offering a free trial to users that lets them use this service for a maximum of 500 devices and send up to 8000 messages on a daily basis. Users can opt for paid plans to do away with this limit and send unlimited messages to any number of devices.

Azure is a part of Microsoft’s fleet of cloud based offerings that it launched to facilitate companies aiming to connect multiple integrated devices. To spread the word about Azure, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has partnered with companies like Dell, Advantech, Libelium and HPE. As part of this partnership, manufacturers will show users that their devices are compatible with Azure IoT Hub and support all the internet of things based activities.