Netflix, Inc.(NASDAQ:NFLX) is rolling out a new version of its Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s

iOS apps for iPads and iPhone, which will make it easier to watch shows using these devices. The new iOS apps will start to auto-play subsequent episode of the show a user is watching encouraging them to stay on the platform for a longer duration. The app also has a new more fluid design which makes it easier for user to scroll between movies and show on the homepage. Initially, images took longer to load but will now appear faster. Netflix noted that later in the year, they will introduce more updates planned for Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Android users.

Netflix currently supports more than 1,500 different devices while providing one of the best viewing experiences on large screen. The new app is meant to make mobile users experience more enjoyable. On top of this new iOS app update, vice president of innovation Chris Jaffe noted that they have a couple of additional updates that they expect to launch within the year. He noted that their update might seem iterative, but their main there purpose is to make it really stupid simple for users.

Jaffe noted that Netflix is conscious that users are consuming large amounts of data plans, and they will be introducing an application that reduces the use of data. Jaffe notes that watching Netflix on cellular data while not on a WI-FI consumer large quantities of data and they seek to reduce this. Later on within the year, users will have the chance of choosing whether to allow HD streaming or not.

Netflix will also be introducing an update that caters for people who watch their shows/movies on TV sets but have a second screen like a tablet or a phone. Chromecast users who use their phones to beam Netflix on their TV set will see auto-generated information about the movie they are watching. The information is more speific to actors, and other shows the movie stars feature in that are available on Netflix. Currently, screens only display the controls. This update will begin with Android and Chromecast while iOS and other systems will follow.