In a recent public statement, Leadcore Technology and Semiconductor Manufacturing Int’l (ADR)(NYSE:SMI) announced that the 28nm HKMG process of SMIC was ready for deployment with the NTO (New Tape Out) of customers. Using this platform, Leadcore is planning to launch a 28nm SoC for various case usage, including smartphones. The chip has already passed initial validation procedure before the mass production starts.

Insights of Matter

Although many firms have come up with similar products in China, SMIC is the first and only firm that has come up with 28nm HKMG and 28nm PolySiON processes in China. As compared to PolySiON process, the new 28nm HKMG process is capable of providing improved transistor performance, drive capability and reduced gate leakage.

Following the technology used in 28nm HKMG, Leadcore has launched Smartphone SoC that provides higher speed, better performance and lower power consumption. Its CPU is good enough deliver 1.6GHZ performance. There are millions of smartphones around the world having China-made chips; this invention will expand their 4G capabilities and overall performance in the future.

The senior management team of Semiconductor Manufacturing was delighted to announce this update and hoped that it would change how the world perceived technology in the past. According to Dr. Tzu-Yin Chiu, Executive Director & CEO, Semiconductor Manufacturing, it’s an honor to collaborate with Leadcore for working on 28nm HKMG process and developing advanced smartphone SoC. The chip has already started getting end user’s attention and is ready to be used commercially.

Dr. Chiu further added that SMIC would continue to work towards improving 28nm derivative technology in the future. If everything goes as per plans, SMIC will come up with an enhanced version of 28nm HKMG process by the end of the current year to enhance the overall user experience. Further details will be shared with users from time to time.