Despite adverse market conditions, United Microelectronics Corp (ADR)(NYSE:UMC) managed to increase its revenue due to strong customer adoption. According to reports, United Microelectronics announced that its semiconductor revenue from 2014 to 2015 had increased 100%.

Going by what the company has said, revenue for the entire year is expected to touch hundreds of millions of USD.

Insights of Matter

The main driving force behind this growth is but the change in the behavior of top-tier customers. Of late, such customers have started migrating their devices from consumer grade products to grade 0 and grade 1 semiconductors that are usually used for critical automotive functions. In addition to this, the sudden increment in demand from IDM and fabless auto semiconductor companies also contributed to revenue augmentation.

The senior management team of the company was delighted to see this uplift in the performance and hoped that it would continue in the coming months as well. According to company’s CEO Po Wen Yen, it couldn’t have been possible had customers refused to trust in UMC. The entire management team of UMC is committed to ensuring that this faith remains intact in the future. Going forward, it will look forward to improving foundry automotive solutions to serve customers in a better way.

Of late, the demand for silicon content in vehicles has increased, and UMC believes it’s world-class UMC AutoSM technology platform is capable of helping auto chip designers to make the best use of this opportunity. The UMC AutoSM technology platform makes room for high-end manufacturing capabilities and AEC-Q100 qualified technology solutions, which can live up to ISO TS-16949 automotive quality standards.

Some of the well-known customers of UMC include Shindengen, New Japan Radio, TDK Corporation and Ricoh Electronic Devices. It will continue to focus on product and service quality in the future as well to ensure that this faith of customers doesn’t fade away.