VMware, Inc. (NYSE:VMW) had forecasted the bright future of cloud business back in 2013 and started vCloud Hybrid Service in the same year to explore this field in an efficient manner. However, things didn’t work out as expected. Reportedly, VMware changed the name of the cloud business from vCHS to vCloud Air to turn its fortune but failed to bring customers on-board.

The business initiative that started as a game-changing step has turned into a liability for the company over the last few years. Despite all the challenges, the way things are taking place at VMware, it’s clearly visible that there’s something seriously wrong in the management’s approach.

Insights of The Matter

Many senior management executives of the company have parted their ways lately, which has raised the concerns about vCloud Air’s future. The first to leave the company was Ben Fathi, CTO – VMware, who resigned from his post in August 2015 to join a security and web application delivery based startup – CloudFare. Among many tasks that he took care of at VMware, one was to create and look after the road map of vCloud Air technology. His decision to leave VMware shook the confidence of the management and faith of users at the same time.

Only a couple of months had gone by since Fathi parted his way and another senior management executive Mathew Lodge, VP-Cloud Services, VMware, left the company in October 2015 to take up COO’s role at Weaveworks. During his tenure, Lodge worked as the face of company’s cloud business among partners and customers.

The latest to leave VMware is its VP and Chief Technologist, Simone Brunozzi, who left the company in January 2016. In his previous role at AWS, Brunozzi was very active at social media and other community networks, but VMware failed to use his fan following. He has now joined a funded startup in Silicon Valley as its CTO.

Amid high attrition rate, VMware is also facing a lot of operational and strategic challenges, which have made its road to growth tough. It will be great to see how VMware manage to bring its cloud business out of this situation and establish as a leading cloud service provider.