Plandai Biotechnology Inc (OTCMKTS:PLPL), a manufacturer of biopharmaceutical items, reported that it has finalized a distribution deal with California-based AIDP Inc. It will let the company offer Phytofare® to their existing client base throughout the globe. This deal will pave a way in selling the products to a widespread clientele, including the U.S., whereas prevailing distribution has concentrated largely on Africa and Europe.

AIDP Inc. has been a leader in functional ingredients market for more than 20 years. Its focus has remained on extensively researched items in the functional food, beverage and nutritional product development industries. They commercialize and distribute numerous branded ingredients and more than 200 commodity ingredients for several health conditions, and offering advanced solutions that fulfill consumer demand for overall wellness and healthy aging.

The experts speaks

Alan Rillorta of AIDP, said that with Plandai’s Phytofare®, they are expanding the comprehensive range of offerings for beverage and functional food producers. The company’s technology offers scientific evidence that the type of Green Tea matters. Phytofare® offers significant benefits over other green tea items available in the market. Callum Cottrell-Duffield of Plandaí Biotechnology, reported that they could not be more delighted to align Phytofare® with a renowned distributor having the reputation and stature of AIDP.

They are famous for providing high-quality ingredients and offering proprietary solutions that resolves formulation issues in the health and wellness industry. Phytofare®, and its sister product, fit well with their current product range and customer base. This association, which extends everywhere except Africa and Europe where Plandai is strongly represented, offers immediate global exposure and distribution. Both the companies look forward for a mutually profitable association.

With respect to Plandai’s financial statement filings, the management reported that the audit for FY2015 is almost complete and they intend to file Form 10-K in the coming period.