To get rid of the fluctuating business performance and keep investors’ trust intact, Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ:CELG) has decided to make certain changes in its Board of Directors. As per the reports, it has announced the selection of Jacqualyn Fouse Ph.D. and Mark Alles to its Board of Directors.

Insights of Matter

Alles has been working with Celgene for the past 12 years. Before being appointed to BoD, he served as the Chief Operating Officer and President of the company. As part of his new role, Alles will serve Celgene as its CEO. Previously, he took care of the Oncology and Hematology franchise of Celgene and took it to all new heights.

The another nomination has come in the form of Jacqualyn Fouse Ph.D., who joined Celgene in the year 2010. He was the CFO of Celgene Corporation before in the past. After careful evaluation, he has been assigned new responsibilities as Celgene’s COO and President. The senior management team of the company is delighted to have both of them in BOD. According to Bob Hugin, CEO & Chairman, Celgene Corporation, Alles and Fouse have years of experience and can help Celgene forge ahead.

In the coming months, their vast knowledge and strategic vision will play a crucial role as Celgene continues to revamp its future guidance.

Meanwhile, Celgene announced that it would be taking part in three management conferences. It doesn’t want any investor and shareholder to miss out when the senior officials talk about its recent achievements and future guidance. Details of these three conferences are as follows-

  • Cowen 36th Annual Health Care Conference on March 8, 2016 – Boston.
  • Raymond James 37th Annual Institutional Investors Conference on March 9, 2016 – Orlando
  • Barclay’s Global Healthcare Conference on March 16, 2016 – Miami.

Interested investors can watch these conferences live through webinars organized by Celgene or check them on company’s official website at a later date.