Cerus Corporation (NASDAQ:CERS) announced that it had entered into an agreement with BCA (Blood Centers of America) to supply Pathogen Reduction Technology. As per the reports, this five-year long partnership requires BCA to promote INTERCEPT Blood System for plasma and platelets to 50 member blood centers. It further requires a commitment from BCA member centers to adopt a minimum of 50% aggregate volume.

Insights of Matter

According to Cerus’ CEO & President, William “Obi” Greenman, company’s customer base in the United States makes room for several BCA members. With the help of this collaboration, Cerus will be able to serve blood center membership of BCA more efficiently than ever. In addition to this, the company will also help BCA’s member blood centers in implementing INTERCEPT Blood System into their day-to-day operations more cost-efficiently and quickly.

With the passage of time, one risk that has come out as a significant threat to country’s blood supply industry is the probability of unknown pathogens that can expose patients to lethal transfusion-transmitted infections. Unless all the businesses have active in this field have the technology and ecosystem required to combat these infections, they can’t guarantee 100% safe treatment to patients. That’s where the partnership between Cerus and Blood Centers of America can come in handy.

The senior management team of Cerus is delighted to announce the initiation of this partnership and hopes that it will change the way patients perceive country’s blood centers. The agreement will provide new resources and incentives to ensure that all the BCA members can opt for INTERCEPT Blood System as a permanent standard for blood transfusion safety.

It’s not the first time when Cerus has come up with a plan like this. It has been announcing new initiatives for the last many years to ensure that patients’ health doesn’t get exposed to dangerous infections. The partnership with BCA is likely to get rid of this problem at a significant level. More details about this collaboration will be announced in the near future.