Juno Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:JUNO), better known for its offerings for re-engaging body’s immune system and prepare it to fight with cancer, successfully delivered positive results for cancer results.

As per the reports published by Bloomberg, one of the therapies suggested by Novartis wiped blood cancer in over 93% children. Out of 59 adults who had received the treatment, 18 got rid of cancer treatment after 12 months. Bloomberg mentioned that Juno Therapeutic’s treatments also had similar impacts and generated positive feedbacks from patients.

Insights of Matter

It’s not the first time when a company has tried to come up with good quality cancer treatments in the country. Novartis AG’s experimental therapy is capable of reprogramming the cells of a patient and put them back in the body to fight cancer tumors. Investors are excited to see a company coming up with a treatment like this which has the potential to change the way people perceive cancer.

Roche Holding AG, a rival of Novartis AG is trying to remain a step ahead from its counterpart by bypassing the approach suggested by Novartis. As per the reports, it’s focusing on developing technology that can offer the benefits of a custom cell therapy without extracting cells from human bodies. These treatments, often called bispecifics, have two different arms to grab onto protein on different cells. One side of the arm latches onto the immune cell while the other side of the arm hooks onto the cancer. As soon as they are connected, the immune cell can proceed further to kill the cancer cells.

Juno Therapeutic has been working on such treatments for an extended period. It’s the result of company’s dedicated approach towards finding a suitable treatment that it ended December 2015 with over $1.22 billion of cash and cash equivalents. It focused on business development throughout 2015 and spent more than $147.8 million on various business development activities. Going forward, it will look forward to executing more such activities in the upcoming quarters.