Shares of Sharkreach Inc (OTCMKTS:SHRK) have more than doubled since Friday last week and it seems the momentum is building out for a possible breakout. In addition to its existing line of influencer marketing solutions, Sharkreach Inc (OTCMKTS:SHRK) has rolled out a social campaign monitoring tool called SharkPulse. With the tool, marketers can know in real-time whether their campaigns are receiving positive, negative or neutral reactions.

With SharkPulse, Sharkreach Inc (OTCMKTS:SHRK) says that marketers can seize the opportunity to maximize the benefits of an already successful campaign or quickly change the course of a campaign that is generative negative reactions.

SharkPulse was recently in beta testing but it has now gone live and Sharkreach customers can take advantage of it. Sharkreach is offering SharkPulse in a self-service model to all its clients.

What exactly does SharkPulse do?

Using SharkPulse, marketers can gain insight of their campaigns in ways that weren’t possible previously. The tool not only enables you to create and post your marketing campaign online, but it also gives you the power to manage and monitor the campaign in real-time.

SharkPulse uses what Sharkreach Inc (OTCMKTS:SHRK) calls proprietary inference engine, which is capable of reading and interpreting posts. The idea is to enable efficient tracking of sentiments relating to a campaign in real-time. The tool is able to provide tracking across all the social media platforms. As such, it becomes easy for a marketer to quickly know the direction of their online campaign: Is it getting positive comments or negative reactions or are the sentiments regarding the campaign neutral. Real-time tracking of campaign makes it possible for marketers to actively shape their message to the audience so that a marketing effort can be more effective.

What else does SharkPulse do?

Monitoring of sentiments relating to a campaign is only a part of what SharkPulse does. According to Sharkreach, the tool automatically alerts the marketer about the progress of their campaign. The notification can be configured to come in the form of a text. That allows the marketer to not only follow the conversations around their campaigns, but also response to the comments accordingly.

Acquisition of Mobile Media Lab

The rollout of SharkPulse comes after Sharkreach Inc (OTCMKTS:SHRK) recently announced that it was acquiring 100% of Mobile Media Lab, strategic Instagram partner.

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