National Waste Mgm Com NPV (OTCBB:NWMH) recently announced the addition of Arthur D. Weed to its board of directors. Weed is a well-known executive and entrepreneur. He comes in as an independent member of NWMH’s board. But what is he bringing to the company?

Extensive experience

There is so much that National Waste Mgm Com NPV (OTCBB:NWMH) expects from Weed has he joins its board of directors as an independent member. On top of the list is that NWMH hopes to benefit massively from the broad management and operational expertise and experience that Weed brings to the company.

Weed has served in senior positions including as VP at various companies. His leadership in those companies were mostly been characterized by rapid growth. For example, he is credited for steering Mirabito Energy Products through a phase of rapid growth that also saw the company acquire more customers and expand into new markets. Before joining Mirabito, Weed was EVP at Savory Energy Co. Inc, where he also oversaw growth initiatives, including prepairing bids for both contract and non-contract customers.

National Waste Mgm Com NPV (OTCBB:NWMH) said in a press release that Weed has also held board positions at a number of reputable entities.

Profile boost

[emaillocker id=”7090″] The coming of Weed to National Waste Mgm Com NPV (OTCBB:NWMH) also boosts the company’s profile. NWMH’s CEO, Louis Paveglio, also noted that having Weed on board will also help the company accelerate its listing on the senior national stock markets such as NASDAQ and NYSE.

Opportunity in waste management

National Waste Mgm Com NPV (OTCBB:NWMH) is expanding its board at a time when it is also aggressively working to boost its bargain in the U.S. waste management market. It is estimated that the U.S. waste management industry is a $50 billion revenue fortune. However, the industry is highly fragmented and NWMH hopes to benefit from wave of consolidation driven by adjustment of waste management standards. [/emaillocker]

Many small waste management companies that cannot cope with the stringent new standards are selling themselves and National Waste Mgm Com NPV (OTCBB:NWMH) has been acquiring some of them. The acquisition of the smaller players not only helps in consolidating the industry, but also adds fresh talents to the company. There is also the benefit of expanded capacity.