Lead carbon battery company Axion Power International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AXPW) has teamed up with technology giant focused on bi-polar energy storage Advanced Battery Concepts LLC (ABC) in a Joint Technology Assessment Program, which seeks to evaluate the cost-efficiency, efficacy, and performance of the former’s negative electrode technology and the materials in the latter’s GreenSeal battery.

GreenSeal Battery and Negative Electrode Technology

Developed for more than five years with numerous global patents, GreenSeal bi-polar batteries are advanced lead acid batteries that seek to reduce the lead content of traditional batteries by nearly 50%, making them 100% recyclable.

On the other hand, the patented lead carbon battery of Axion Power International is the only one of its kind with an all-carbon negative electrode technology that offers better charge acceptance, faster recharging, longer life cycles, and reduced maintenance requirements. It is basically an alternative to lead acid negative electrodes.

Joint Technology Assessment Program

With the Joint Technology Assessment Program, the partnership of Axion Power International and ABC hopes to illustrate the readiness and compatibility of bi-polar PbC batteries with the General Purpose 12V 17Ah modules as the demonstration format. Furthermore, the program will create cost models, devise guidelines for engineering PbC products to capacity, fitment, and voltage specifications, and gauge significant performance metrics.

Richard Bogan, Axion Power International CEO, is delighted with the company’s tie-up with ABC in realizing significant research and development (R&D) initiatives. With the Joint Technology Assessment Program, Bogan believes that both companies can directly revitalize energy storage commercial applications as they work hand-in-hand in integrating powerful battery technologies.

Meanwhile, Dr. Edward Shaffer, ABC CEO and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), shared the same sentiment of excitement to be working with Axion Power International as ABC has always been committed in developing lead acid battery innovations. Accordingly, this marks a vital milestone in applying and integrating GreenSeal in and with other battery technologies. As Shaffer puts it, ABC’s independent bi-polar lead carbon initiatives have demonstrated better significant enhancements than traditional lead carbon batteries.