Clickstream Corp (OTCMKTS:CLIS) has announced that Brian Baldinger, the former NFL broadcaster has joined the company, as chairman of the Fantasy Sports Board of Advisors. It should be noted here that CLIS has been developing and preparing for the launch of its proprietary analytics sports fantasy platform, DraftClick. Baldinger had been a commentator at the FoxNews network, for NFL games, before moving to the NFL network as an analyst, six years ago.

Apart from bringing a vast experience of sports analysis, Baldinger was also a former NFL player and had played a total of 11 seasons, with a number of different teams. Baldinger revealed that he was quite amazed by the growth of fantasy sports. He claimed that this remarkable growth is the reason that he decided to get involved in the fantasy sports business. Baldinger also claimed that CLIS is working towards helping fantasy sports players get an edge on the games, which helped him make the decision to join them.

The former NFL star also revealed his plans to attract other athletes to the company as well. He was of the opinion that not only would this help the company market its products, but will also provide valuable feedback for future products. Michael J. O’Hara, the president of Clickstream, stated that having professional athletes like Baldinger would be a great advantage to the company and its products.

Clickstream recently announced that it has become a fully reporting SEC company, trading under the symbol CLIS. The announcement was made by the president, who stated the company’s focus was the development of analytics tools for large data analysis. He also clarified that fantasy sports were chosen as the target market for the company products, since it offered the greatest growth potential. CLIS would be using information from discussions on the internet to predict outcomes in fantasy sports.

Clickstream Corp (OTCMKTS:CLIS) did not report a change in its share value, despite having a trade volume of 22,600 shares, during the April 14 session, to close at a share price of $0.8.