TapImmune Inc. (OTCMKTS:TPIV) has announced that it has completed the development and upgrade of its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). In addition to this, the company also announced the release of TPIV200, its vaccines for the prevention of ovarian and breast cancer. The vaccine is said to contain a total of 5 peptide antigens, freeze dried in a single vial. The drug can be injected into the patient’s body, after the addition of granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor.

Soon after the release of the TPIV200, the company announced that the drug would now be available for the phase-2 clinical trials, in breast and ovarian cancer patients. It should be noted here that the phase-2 trials are based on the results from phase-1, which determined the safety and toleration of the drug, within ovarian and breast cancer patients. The drug was also found to generate a lasting folate receptor and T-cell response from the patients.

TapImmune has at least four clinical trials scheduled for 2016, including:

  • A phase-2 clinical trial in breast cancer patients, funded by the department of defense.
  • A combination trial, with a checkpoint inhibitor in ovarian cancer.
  • Two additional trials funded by the company itself.

As far as the finances of the company are concerned, TPIV recently released its 3Q2015 results, with revenues of $0.00, but net earnings of $2.48 million. TapImmune has not generated any revenues, for the past 12-months and has heavily relied on private placements and equity offerings. As such a total of 64 million shares of the company’s common stock are outstanding. However, the company does have cash and equivalents worth $6 million. Moreover, TPIV has also made significant progress with its products, which means that it might have a chance to change the current picture very soon.

TapImmune Inc. (OTCMKTS:TPIV) experienced a trade volume of 1.11 million and lost 2.92% of its share value, to reach a close at $0.651, at the end of the April 7 trading session.