In last trading session, the stock price of Life Clips Inc (OTCBB:LCLP) jumped more than 31% to close the day at $0.620. The gains came at a share volume of 916,576 compared to average share volume of 93,961. Recently, the company reported that it has engaged a veteran sales manager with extensive experience and existing associations with big box retailers. Thereafter it finalized a binding letter of intent for getting ownership of Batterfly Energy, LTD and its Mobeego™ product.

The buzz

Life Clips, a unique brand of products transforming the way people manage, capture, share and enjoy life’s moments, reported that the firm has placed its preliminary order of SoluVu™. It is company’s new 4k Action Camera, and has numerous key features that peers like GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) products do not come familiar with, including an internal gyroscope for enhanced image stabilization, a 16 mega-pixel image camera and motion detection for activation. The SoloVu™ will boasts video options of 2k, 4k, 1080 and 720. It will have a 32GB memory card, and feature burst mode, looping and time lapse video modes.

The management speaks

Bob Gruder, the CEO of Life Clips, said that they are coming out of the “gate swinging”. They intend to aggressively compete with firms like GoPro by offering better or comparable features at lower prices. The SoloVu™ camera will retail for $159.00 which is considerably less than the prominent brand.

What the company has an option and feature rich camera with a price and quality that should be enormously attractive to consumers. Life Clips is not placing the cart before the horse, but it is in the advanced phase of conversation with the nation’s big box retailers and largest distributors. They expect having a great launch of this camera product. The management anticipates to have numerous exciting models launching this year as well.