In last trading session, the stock price of Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS:TRTC) gained more than 8% to close the day at $0.441. The gains came at a share volume of 6.04 million compared to average share volume of 12.88 million.

The buzz

Terra Tech reported that its subsidiary unit Edible Garden, is retailing dietary and vitamin supplement product lines throughout the United States as part of its strategy to move into additional regions of the healthy living industry. The company’s offering now includes brands VitaminWay®, SlimTrim®, Vitamin Whey Protein®, OmEssentials®, Bikini Ready ® and Surgex Sports Nutrition®.

These brands have a leading reputation in the industry on quality paarmeters, which is made on strict adherence to determining regulatory compliance and control with the FDA’s NCAA and GMPs regulations. These dietary supplements and vitamins are already offered in more than 5,000 major food, specialty stores, drug and mass across the U.S.

The expert view

Derek Peterson, the CEO of Terra Tech, reported that it is a thrilling opportunity for them to leverage strong reputation for cultivating fresh, organic vegetables and fruits so as to expand the customer base and move into new regions of the healthy living industry. As the company already have the required infrastructure seen important to flawlessly take over the manufacturing course, the management project to rapidly benefit from offering these product lines of supplements and nutritional products.

The subsidiary unit, Edible Garden, will commence to use nutrients, like the newly advanced “SuperLeaf,” in the products. Venturing into the supplement and vitamin market also gives way to broad retail distribution network. It has the potential to result in potential benefits to Terra Tech’s existing business. The company continues to expand its portfolio of healthier and nutritious products, which are cultivated to the safest standards and deploying the energy efficient technologies present in the market.