Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ:AEHR) has announced that it has received a massive order worth $4.5 million for its new Burn-In System and the FOX-XPmulti-water test system.

The firm announced the new order on Tuesday, causing a positive ripple effect on its shares. The huge order was the first for the company’s new products, and delivery is expected to continue through early 2017. The total value of the orders is $4.5 million, and they include FOX-XP WaferPak Contactors, a FOX-XP WaferPakTM Aligner, a Burn-in System and a FOX-XP Multi-Wafer Test.

Aehr Test Systems CEO Gayn Erickson stated that his company is thrilled about getting a customer for the products. Erickson also revealed that the customer is one of the largest manufacturers of semiconductors in the world, and the FOX-XP was the client’s choice selection for production in high volume. Another reason why it was selected was because it is best suited where burn-in is restricted to tight quality standards.

The products will be used to make end products that will, in turn, be incorporated into high-speed communication servers. These solutions also happen to be more effective for the burn-in required at the wafer level application of the new FOX-XP platform as opposed to the package form. The CEO also stated that the ability to offer about 2,048 independent device power supplies for each wafer is one of the reasons why the solution is cost effective.

Aehr Test Systems also revealed that it has been in close ties with the customer that gave the order so that the wafers could meet the client’s specific requirements. The company also believes that the FOX-XP test is ideal for the new application. The client estimates that more device capacity will lead to higher burn-in capacity during production over the long-term. The company now has two high-value lead customers for its latest FOX-XP system. The firm also noted that it plans to increase its customer base so that it can exploit numerous other opportunities. It also plans to maintain a high level of quality at reasonable prices to the client.