Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ:ODP) has revealed plans to hire 8,000 employees so that that it will be well prepared to offer the best service as the back-to-school season sets in.

The company stated that it will increase its employee base by 33% in the US so that it can strengthen its customer service for students, teachers and parents as schools prepare to re-open. The company made the announcement on Wednesday and noted that this year’s employee uptake will be higher than in the previous year by 2,000 employees.

The hiring efforts will also give the company a better competitive stand against rival firm Staples, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPLS). The two companies had been planning a merger, but it failed to go through due to antitrust issues. Office Depot released its announcement one day after Staples announced same-day deliveries in various major markets and the delivery fee will be $14. Staples also plans to make major changes to its business by slashing costs worth $300 million and seeking out tactical alternatives for its operations in Europe.

Lynn Gross, the human resources VP for retail at Office Depot stated that the back-to-school season is big for the company because that is the time the firm offers most of its seasonal jobs.  She also pointed out that the massive boost this year is not influenced by the merger, but it is a sign that the company is moving forward independently. The VP also stated that the firm is focused on offering the best customer service.

Gross stated that the most of the jobs that will be available before the end of summer would involve operating the checkout register, stocking the shelves and assisting the customers.  The company also expects sales to rise the online departments meaning some of the employees will also be posted in store service. The duties of the seasonal employees will be similar to those that were in place during the 2015 summer. Office Depot also plans to hire a significant number of permanent staff.