Skyline Medical Inc (NASDAQ:SKLN) has announced that it has strike a deal with the Munro enterprises LLC that will see MUNRO start to distribute the STREAMWAY system that was developed by Skyline to the US Federal government as well as other international corporations. Through the reseller agreement, the MUNRO Inc. will grant exclusive selling rights to Munro to the various departments of the Federal government including the Department of the Veteran affairs, Health and Human services and others.

David Johnson, the Chief Operating Officer (COF) of the Skyline medical was clear through the announcement that Skyline saw the deal as a boost to their not-doing-so well sales margin through the MUNRO’S special consideration. Johnson further stated that MUNRO Inc. was at a perfect position in enabling the company to improve sales more with the Federal government.

Johnson was quick to state that with MUNRO’s 20-year experience in assisting corporations in dealing with the stringent regulations by the US government, Skyline was forecasting a huge profit margin for the coming fiscal year. It was Skylines’ assertion that introduction of STREAMWAY systems would offer the safest environment for health practitioners who dispose waste fluids from medical practice through inclusion of MUNRO enterprises in its operations. As a parting shot, David Johnson has said that Skyline will maximally cooperate with MUNRO to oversee smooth operations between it and the Federal Government of USA.

The CEO and president of MUNRO enterprises, Julia Munro asserted that the STREAMWAY system had a handful of benefits and advantages to patients, healthcare practitioners and their facilities improving their welfare by providing safest conditions for work. She added that MUNRO enterprise was so much prepared to assist Skyline Inc. in dealing with their new important customer, that is, the Federal government of USA.

To second the significance of STREAMWAY system, the CEO of MUNRO enterprises was quick to state that they had proved beyond doubt that the system would rise the levels of patients and staff safety, was cost effective and would encourage the medical waste management compliance as set by the Veterans Health Administration Directives in the USA.

With the new agreement between these two top-notch companies, the public can only wait and see whether the STREAMWAY system works by the plan of Skyline Inc.