There are rumors that Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:SIRI) is being prepped for OS X. This of course is being done by developers behind the scenes one of these developers, Brian Roemmele says that they are getting some interesting feedback from the application.

The OS X which is from Apple is expected to have a certain version of the Siri application so as to facilitate web browsing via voice command. Screenshots have been shared of the same.

As much as there are rumors on the whole issue, an official announcement is expected at the WWDC conference which will take place in June. The screen shots which were obtained by MacRumors are said to show a dock icon of the Siri application. These screenshots give some substance to the rumors. This could suggest that the application is at an advanced stage hence the belief that it could be announced at the conference.

According to the rumors, Apple allegedly for the past four years has been conducting tests on different versions of the OS X that contain Siri. It goes ahead to say that the Siri icon is found in the menu bar of the new software and will launch the same way when clicked as it does on an iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

MacRumors have not revealed their source of information but they expect everyone to go with their hunch since they have been accurately predicting most software launches by Apple accurately.

It is suspected that Hey Siri will become a more popular way of switching on voice control. This however will not be possible on Macbooks that rely on battery power. It is also said that the Siri application comes disabled. You might just need to set a keyboard shortcut to make your work easier or maybe, just maybe, the next thing we will see are Mac keyboards which contain a dedicated key for Siri.

So why have we never had Siri on Mac until maybe now? Some of the suspected reasons are difficulty in translating Siri for the Mac or patents that delay the process. It could also be possible that lady Siri is not as popular as she might think.