Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google has been working on a new search functionality that will make it possible for people to find the best deals for traveling including flights and hotel expenses.

The feature will include comprehensive retail search features including travel searches. Google believes that the introduction of the feature will make it possible for users to view a wide range of offerings including pricing details for travel as well as shopping ads. The new feature will be designed to make all these things possible via mobile devices. This is not a surprise strategy coming from Google considering that there has been increased online shopping on mobile platforms over the years. The same applies for those hunting for the best travel and accommodation deals.

It is estimated that 70% of travel bookings made digitally by 2019 will be made on mobile handsets. Google is preparing to take advantage of those estimates by positioning itself with products that will help to get the most out the shift. The company is aware that the searches carried out on mobile devices carry different purposes than those done through desktops. A good example of such instances is directions. Users often check for directions on their handsets. Google will, therefore, customize its mobile search feature to carry out searches for specific needs. Searches on desktops take a generalized approach.

The company believes that searching for a retail deal or booking travel arrangements offers more value and ease to the user if they can be done through handsets. According to Business Insider, Google makes such customizations so that it can maintain the lead as the top discovery resource. Google is not the only company that has taken note of this trend. Tech companies and developers have also noted that the shift is now favoring mobile platforms and most of them are rushing to position themselves so that they do not get left out. Google will also use algorithms that can detect when prices decrease significantly.