Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) could be taking another major step as seen when it filed a trademark that will see it share iPhone’s night shift mode with Apple Watch, Macs and even possibly cars. This is according to Patently Apple. A Mac currently can change its colors during sunset but the program that does this is not officially an Apple product.

The Night Shift feature was first used in the iOS 9.3. It is a feature that reduces the amount of light radiated whenever a device is used where there is low light. Many people are fond of using their phones while in bed hence exposing themselves to blue light which interferes with the body’s ability to sleep. The night shift feature is said to eliminate this danger.

How does the feature determine that it is time to reduce the amount of light? It makes use of the clock and geolocation on any iOS device to determine when the sun will set in one’s region.

This news comes at a time when Apple is getting ready to release new mobile phone software. Apple CEO, Tim Cook describes the Night Shift as the mother of all releases. Users will be able to replace words with emojis, use invisible ink for special messages and even send handwritten messages. These are major changes for the message app. The music and photo apps have also been upgraded.

For others, this could be the worst mistake ever when it comes to presumption and prediction. This is because the trademark does not contain any hint that indicates the night shift feature. According to them Patently Apple could be misleading millions of users. The evidence to be believed should be specific in wording unfortunately this is not the case. Patently Apple admits at the end of their piece that Apple has just filed a standard trademark and that there is nothing that specifically indicates night shift.

It could be true that Apple is planning a night shift mode but the trademark is not the avatar we should look at. There are experts who also show that the night shift mode is only a function to reduce light emitted but it has nothing to do with improving the quality of sleep a person will get.