In a bid to remain competitive and offer mobile users value for their money, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has unveiled a fully touch-screen android powered Smartphone. This is a deviation from its previous Smartphone that had had physical keyboard, but has still emphasized on private features that has always made it stand up on the market place. Presently, the DTEK50 is being touted as the world’s most secure Android powered phone.

In a statement, Ralph Pini, Chief operating officer, said that their number one concern is security of their mobile users. He also added that the phone blends unique security features with an ecosystem that makes Android a popular choice in the world over. The Smartphone that is priced at $429 comes with a host of features that users will definitely find useful, especially based on the fact that the company is known for serious business gadgets.

What are some of the features that DTEK50 offers

Generally, the name comes from DTEK app that helps the Smartphone users have the best control of what really happens with the gadgets apps. BlackBerry DTEK50 comes with a 5.2-ich display and runs on a highly reliable Android Marshmallow platform. It offers titular DTEK50 app, of which helps in the monitoring account, as well as denying unwarranted hardware access. In fact, the Smartphone boasts of a quite secure boot system and a disk encryption that makes it difficult to crack the system.

 It comes with a reliable expandable memory based on the fact that it has a well designed micro SD slot that can support up to 2TB of storage, and with the 13-pixel cameral users can actually take high quality photos without necessarily worrying about the end product.

Overall, it is 7.44mm making it BlackBerry’s thinnest phone on the market today, while the programmable key can help give scheduled commands. The company’s vice president on global-device-sales, Alex Thurber, said that it is vital to note that despite this development, BlackBerry remains committed to the company’s proprietary operating-system. He also hinted that the company is still developing more Android-based devices that will help it be more competitive on the marketplace.

As stated by BlackBerry’s CEO, the company is targeting a broader end-user base, which is a deviation from its previous devices that mostly targeted high end users.